Pet Writing- Part 3

PET Writing Part 3

Writing Part 3 is worth 15% of your total PET mark. This is a lot!

You have 20 - 25 minutes to complete Part 3.
You have a choice between a letter to a friend or a story of about 100 words. 100 words means THREE paragraphs. Bob Wilson advises you to do the letter. It is quite easy to get good marks for a letter and it is very difficult to get good marks for a story. Why? Letters have a format which is easy to memorize. On the other hand, stories are attractive because you can be creative. However, creativity in English needs complicated grammar. My advice is to do the letter.
You are marked on four things:-
ANSWERING THE QUESTIONHave you fully answered the question?
REGISTERChoose an informal style for writing to a friend and be more formal if you don't know the person.
COHERENCE AND COHESIONDo a plan BEFORE you start writing and organise your ideas into three paragraphs. Join your ideas using linking words.
online linkers exercise 1 2printable linkers exercise
VOCABULARY AND GRAMMARTake key words from the question; keep your sentences simple and reread your answer to eliminate silly mistakes.