U.8-Telling Tales



Reported Speech

Say or Tell

Say, Tell

Passive Voice and Reported Speech

Report the following sentences

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Mixed Exercises

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Exercise 4

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1.  She said (that) he worked in a bank.

2.  She told me (that) they went (had gone) out last night (the night before).

3.  She said (that) she was coming.

4.  She told me (that) she had been waiting for the bus when he arrived.

5.  She said (that) she had never been there before.

6.  She told me (that) she didn't go (hadn't gone) to the party.

7.  She said (that) Lucy would come later.

8.  She told me (that) he hadn't eaten breakfast.

9.  She said (that) she could help me tomorrow.

10. She told me (that) I should go to bed early.

11. She told me (that) she didn't like chocolate.

12. She said (that) she wouldn't see me tomorrow.

13. She said (that) she was living in Paris for a few months.

14. She told me (that) she visited (had visited) her parents at the weekend.

15. She said (that) she hadn't eaten sushi before.

16. She said (that) she hadn't travelled by underground before she came to London.

17. She said (that) they would help if they could.

18. She told me (that) she would do the washing-up later.

19. She said (that) he could read when he was three.

20. She said (that) she had been sleeping when Julie called.